Hey there,

Some sad news...

We are canceling all book package subscriptions by the end of this month.
It really sucks, but we can no longer provide the Lix subscription. The semester runs from September through January, so this month’s payment will be the last payment of your subscription.


Your books are safe—your books and all your notes and uploads will still be available in the app and you can continue using the app and all its features. You can buy additional books in our bookshop to stock up for your next semester (we just won’t be able to offer them on a subscription).

“BUT...WHY?” 😒

We thought subscriptions were the way forward...it turns out the world wasn’t ready. In order for this to work out 100%, we need both supply and demand to match. It didn’t. So, we took a “start-up hit to the stomach” and we now have to cancel the subscription service.

Kind regards,
The Lix Team